Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Unused Photos From the Past Few Weeks

Here's a few pics I intended to build blog posts around. Then I forgot what I was going to write and they've been sitting unused ever since.

First, a while back one of the less-capable mariners who volunteers with the Petaluma Sea Scouts had a problem with the steering gear in one of the motor whaleboats during the River cleanup a while back. He ended up drifting to a nearby dock where he left the boat and took the kids home, so at the end of the day, Matt Herman and I got to go back and salvage it. Here's a shot of us cruising back to the marina. Matt's at the throttle and I'm steering with the emergency tiller:
Tiller Steering

Somewhere around that same time, I was helping dad make new 75-year-old fenders for his International pickups. Here's the first one out of the mold bolted in place on one of the trucks:
Workshop Progress 002
I also got shanghaied into helping one of my neighbors in the marina move a sailboat that had a dead auxiliary engine. So here's a shot of me in swashbuckling pose:

This weekend I caught up with my friend Rich who was in the Bay Area on a layover while travelling from the Far East to New England. He was on orders from his wife and kids to visit Fenton's Creamery:
Shawn Rich Fenton's

And visit we did:

Finally, for no reason at all, here's a rooster on a gate:

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