Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sometimes I Really Miss New York

A little while ago I stumbled across this picture from the 2010 New York Dance Parade:

I know what you're thinking. You're wondering exactly how someone manages poledancing as part of a parade. There's not exactly stripper poles arranged down the middle of every street in the Village (yet), so you've got to find a way to bring your own pole. You could mount it on the back of a truck or build a float to tow around, but apparently that's not ecologically responsible. Instead, the NYC-based group "Poleriders" has mounted their stage on the back of a rickshaw:

I'm sure it's okay for parades, but apparently the group makes a regular habit of taking this rig for rides around town. Fortunately, nobody's thought to shut them down for obvious safety reasons. Not only are none of them wearing helmets, but (as shown above) there's no way the guy pedalling will ever be able to pay attention to where he's going.

Apparently they can be hired for advertising, events, and promotions. Not a terribly idea. Either way, I like their slogan: let the good times roll.

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