Saturday, July 20, 2013

Recent UFO Sightings in the Workshop

I haven't been posting enough lately, so here's the latest round of UnFinished Objects I've been tinkering with in the shop...
Pip-Boy 3000 from Fallout 3:
Pip Boy Parts Stacked Together
Printed out using the files in posted by "dragonator" on  Get your own here:

25-lb barbell plate:
Barbell Primed
I'll be doing a moldmaking demonstration as part of the Maker Camp on Google+ next month and decided this would be as good a project as any for molding.  I'll also be making a variety of hammers.

The biggest thing that's eating up my time lately is the Ironman build:
IM Right Side

It's going to be pretty damned cool when it's finished, but first I've got a lot of detail work to do:
IM Glove Completed 
Since I've been long overdue for the opportunity to call something finished, I dusted off a kit that I picked up from another maker a while back and put together a replica of the mask worn by Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, one of the key villains in the first Hellboy movie:
I'd call it done, but for some reason I suddenly want to make the whole costume instead.

I've also got one more very exciting project I'm working on, but I'm not allowed to show it off just yet:
Secret Project 6

Stay tuned...