My List of Links

Stuff I'm Selling: my etsy listings my ebay listings every once in a while I design a t-shirt.  Then I post them to printfection.

Useful Sites for Projects: a good place to start when learning about building high-end costumes. Read their stormtrooper tutorial. Boba Fett costume forum. Predator costume forum. The Replica Prop Forum is the largest forum for the discussion of movie and video game props and costumes. Halo costuming forum. Source for all sorts of materials and tools. materials for molding, casting, and more. everything you need to make your own Halloween masks. Includes some helpful tutorials explaining how to turn your sculpture into a rubber mask you can wear. software for making digital 3D models into papercraft models you can print out and build. Includes a user’s gallery where folks post models you can use. If you ever feel like getting project inspiration (or intimidation) check out Make magazine.  Bill John's exceptional site full of interesting projects and how-to articles.
Comics (these guys are the reason newspaper comics don't entertain me anymore): Steampunk-y comics cobbled together from old-school magazine illustrations to great effect. In New York, no one can hear you scream. Smart.  Funny.  Awesome! Everything that makes xkcd great, with color. a four-panel format comic that tells you all you need to know about anything.

I will post more as time goes by, so check back later.