Tuesday, May 18, 2010

HALO M6G Pistol Build: Part Three

If you haven't already seen them, click here for Part One or Part Two of this project. When last I posted about this build I still needed to score the seams on the top of the slide and add a few more details. Here's how it came out:
Slide top details
I also had to build a laser sight to add to the front end. To that end, I had to set up my variable-speed, self-centering, three-jawed, custome lathe and turned down a piece of styrene rod:
Turning Laser Sight
Once I had all of the requisite pieces and parts assembled, the next step was to go ahead and spray the whole thing in my trademark prototype color:
pink pistol prototype

Once the paint had cured, the next step was to sand it all smooth, then go ahead and build a mold box and parting line:
Pistol Mold Prepped
Once I'd poured the two halves of the mold, the next step was to let them cure until they were ready for me to pull them off of the prototype:

Then I clamped them back together in my purpose-fashioned clamping jig and set up to pour resin to make copies:
Pistol Mold
Here's the light red prototype, the bright orange test casting, and the first two casts in black resin:
Pistol Casts
Here's a close-up shot of the tops of the first two black castings. The details came through pretty well:
Pistol Surface Bubbles

Since I had two good pulls out of the mold, the next step was to try them on:
Dual Wield HALO Magnums

So far I've only finished painting one of them, but I've got two more in the works:
Painted Pistol

I haven't got any pics of the whole costume with the pistol yet, but I did get a crappy phone picture of me with the first painted one:
Pistol Test Fit

At some point in the course of making copies of the pistol, I ran out of resin. That's when I made this one:
Foam Pistol 1

It's foam:
Foam Pistol 2

The fun part about a foam pistol is throwing it at people when they walk into the workshop.

Next weapon project: sniper rifle.

Stay tuned...

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