Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Late Post: The Last Two Days Leading Up to Maker Faire

I'm sure I tried to write a blog entry when there was only one day to go.  An entry was started that (fortunately) didn't get posted because it was pretty much just a bunch of misspelled foul language.  There should at least have been pictures.

So I've deleted that false start and here's a quick recap.

Counting down to the last two days, at some point the Grey Knight got it's last letter added:
Last of the Lettering

The right hand got painted:
Madi Painting Hand Details

And the left hand was cast:
Rough Left Hand Cast

The last few pieces that were in primer were basecoated and blackwashed and the decision was made to rig the whole thing up as a statue instead of making it wearable for the weekend.  I'm not sure I'd have had anyone to wear it anyway.

For the T-60, I tasked my friends Madison and Vinny with weathering all of the parts of my suit:
Rusting Parts

Vinny Rusting shin

Here he is putting some rust on the back:
Vinny Rusting Stuffs

The end result was pretty great:
T-60 Back Weathered

I say "my suit" because my former assistant Freddy was using my molds to make one for himself as well.  We decided it would be good enough if his copy was fully rigged and walking around while mine would be a static display at the booth.  Here he is putting some additional touches on his copy:
Freddy Rigging Back Details

Then test-fitting some of his rigging:
Freddy Test Fit

And finally, assembling the hands:
Freddy Assembling FIngers

Somewhere along the way, I assembled the three new parts of the display booth:
Booth Parts Assembled
They were primed and painted too, but I was too strung out to get pics.

At some point, we got the base silver color on three sets of parts for the Mouser bots, but by then it was becoming clear that they wouldn't be able to be assembled and painted in time to show at the event.  Here's Agatha finishing up the silver:
Agatha Painting Mouser Parts

That's about the same time we had to start pulling out the trailers to load everything up:
Mike Helping

Somewhere late at night, exhaustion set in and we started dropping out to go get sleep:
Doogs in the Shop

The next day we put the last few finishing touches on the things we couldn't deal with on site, hitched up the trailers, went to Fundemonium to load up ED-209, hoisted the booth parts into the bed of the truck, and we were on our way.

The shop was some kind of disaster, but that could wait:
Empty Shop

On to the Faire...


  1. saw you guys there this year again, amazing stuff! Always enjoy visiting with you! :D

  2. OK, your killing me here. I've been following the whole two weeks and then no payoff photos. Really want to see how everything turned out. (even the display stuff)

    1. Darren, I think you must've posted this comment within minutes of me finally getting around to posting the article about the Faire itself.