Friday, May 11, 2018

Countdown! Seven Days Until Maker Faire.

Note:  This blog entry is posted late because I fell asleep at the keyboard last night when I was typing it.  Aside from wiping the drool off my keyboard and deleting the last sentence*, I made no other changes.

According to Forrest Gump, "Momma always says there's an awful lot you could tell about a person by their shoes."  I wonder sometimes what my work boots say about me:
Boots, a Still LIfe

In any case, it's late and the mind wanders.

Today I had a lot of help in the shop.  First, my friend Ian stopped by to get a break from his own workshop remodel.  He set to work prepping parts to mold:
Ian Prepping Minigun Parts

My assistant Chuck spent her time casting parts for the Mousers:
Chuck Casting Parts

Her sister Agatha spent some quality time smoothing out helmets:
Agatha Sanding Helmets

These two idiots were pretty much always underfoot:
Doggos at Lunch Time

And my friend Sierra spent some quality time smoothing out the Grey Knight chest:
Sierra Sanding Chest Bits

While she was working on that, I traced out the shape for the little shield for the Grey Knight's left shoulder:
Little Shield Curve 1

Little Shield Curve 2

Little Shield Drawn

Here's the prototype held in place for size:
Little Shield Test Fit

Then I gave it a few very rushed rounds of Bondo and sanding:
Sanding Little Shield

Finally, the whole thing was primed:
Little Shoulder Shield Prototype

Tiki was not impressed:
Tiki and Hei Hei

That done, I laid out the belt buckle:
Belt Buckle Layout

Cut the outline on the scroll saw:
Cutting out Buckle Outline

Shaped it a bit on the belt sander:
Shaping Belt Buckle

Added some putty and bits of plastic:
Spot Putty on Belt Buckle

Smoothed it out:
Belt Buckle Sanded

Then laid on a quick coat of primer to get it ready for molding:
Belt Buckle Sculpt Complete

Tiki was still unimpressed:
Tiki Resting

At some point in the evening, Freddy came by and made some great progress on the lower legs for the T-60.  He also tried out the stilts for the first time:
Freddy Trying Stilts
Fortunately he didn't stumble and break himself or any of the armor parts.

Somewhere early on, I also laid up the first half of the mothermold for the last two big parts of the Mousers:
Mouser Mothermolds in Progress

I should have those mothermolds finished tomorrow and hopefully the first few casts out of each mold.

Most of the Minigun parts are ready to mold too:
Minigun Parts Ready to Mold

Ian will be concentrating on setting those molds up tomorrow.

Sierra made a bit of progress on smoothing out my hand sculpt for the Grey Knight:

That, and the weapons for the Grey Knight, is the biggest concern I have right now.  Everything else is on track to be amazing.

*If you really must know, the last sentence originally read, "I just need the dog list happenasadddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd."

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