Tuesday, May 8, 2018

10 Days to Maker Faire

Earlier this evening a friend of mine posted that she was going to start taking bets regarding when my posts were going to deteriorate to the point where I was just posting blurry photos accompanied by abstract haiku without context.  So I suppose I should get this out of the way...


Rubber, resin, sleep
Two out of three isn't bad
Making all the things.


I will admit that I'm a bit worried that these posts aren't entertaining enough.  To correct this, I'm going to try and run down a quick chronological recap of today's efforts as best I can reconstruct them with the help of my camera and cellular phone.

The day started around 0600 when I snapped awake for no good reason at all.

I was on a boat.

After a little bit of housekeeping and administrative chores (paying bills, emailing clients, ordering plastic lemons, harnessing the dogs, etc.) it was time to make a quick stop for coffee and head to the shop.  When I got there it looked like so:
Beginning of the Day

So I checked my very ambitious to-do list:
To-Do List

No problem.

The first thing I started with was laying another coat of rubber in the molds:
Rubber Molds Poured

Then I put the first coat of silver on a bunch of the Grey Knight parts:
Shiny Shoulder Drying

Shiny Metal Crotch

Then I decided to take a break for a few minutes and assemble some grenades:
Hei Hei Grenade Pile

Back to work on the Grey Knight, I used some quart paint cans to set the height on the lower leg parts:
Proper Calf Placement

That gave me a chance to make a cardboard mockup of the bulkhead that will be mounted inside the calf part for the stilts to be bolted to:
Making Cardboard Template

Once I'd cut out a couple of copies in plywood, I shifted gears and did a bit of bodyshop work on the lower legs of the T-60 Power Armor.  Sadly, I neglected to take any photos of that process.

What I did do was take a couple of pics of the new ears being printed for the Mouser bots:
Ears Printing

Once they were done printing, I did a quick dry fit with one of the cast parts:
New, Improved Ears

Then I went back to spraying the second coat of silver on the Grey Knight parts.  But since I was running out of places to hang painted parts, I had to improvise:
Shiny Shoulders

At that point, the air in shop was pretty thick with paint fumes and I was starting to get a bit hungry.  So I got changed into clothes I could wear on the street and headed over to the hardware store:
hardware store run

Among other things, I picked up a sheet of plywood, some 2x2s, PVC pipe, and a whole host of nuts and bolts and pink paint.  It all fit in the car well enough:
Lumber Hauler

When I got back, I started the CNC machine cutting out the next piece of the display booth and made the Mouser jaw and body ready to mold:
Ready to Mold

Then poured a print coat:
Print Coat

That's about the time my friend Sierra stopped by and helped out by doing a bit of rotocasting.

Meanwhile the Carvewright was done with the next panel:
Panel Number 4 or 5

My friend Breana stopped in too and showed me how to update my new website.  More on that later.

That's about the same time a swarm of tiny little flies invaded the shop and one of them did a kamikaze run right into the wet silicone:
Fly in the Silicone

So I covered the molds and, taking a cue from the doggos, I decided to call it a night:
Tuckered Doggos

Tomorrow should be a busier day.

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  1. To do list from hell
    Impressive completion rate
    Friend is wrong so far