Thursday, May 10, 2018

Countdown: Eight days to Maker Faire

In yesterday's entry, I wrote, "The last thing I did for the night was smooth over the silicone rubber jackets for the Mousers' head and body molds."  What I didn't write was "the last thing I did was cover the sticky, wet silicone with a cardboard box to keep it clean."  That's why, when I walked into this shop this morning, I was met with fruit fly carnage:
Kamikaze Bugs

It was pretty bad:
Bug Carnage

In fact, it was a full-on insect mass suicide:
Rubber all Covered in Bugs

Both molds were literally covered with dead bugs:
Rubber Jacket Molds Complete

So it goes.

I removed the pegs from the bottom edge and built up a clay wall, but never got around to laying up the mothermold.  I ended up getting distracted by the arrival of the UPS delivery guy who dropped off my order of these:
New Book Promo Cards

I'll be selling copies of my book at the booth this year, but I figured it'd also be good to have some of the cards to hand out for the folks who don't want to carry a copy around all over the Faire.  

On the subject of the booth, I cut out all of the frame parts for the new display bases.  Then I left them stacked on the table saw and completely forgot to do anything else with them for the day.

Shifting gears, I got back to work on the Grey Knight.  Specifically, I made the vent details for the chest.  I started by making cardboard templates of each edge:
Vent Edge Template

Then traced them onto some 1/2" plywood so I could cut them out on the scrollsaw:
Templates Traced onto Plywood

They were then put into place in the chest hole and glued together:
Wood Outline Fastening

With the glue set, each of the assemblies was taken to the table saw and notches were cut at a 45-degree angle:
Cutting Louvre Grooves on Table Saw

Th end result worked out reasonably well:
Vents Assembled

Then they were glassed in place inside the chest:
Vent Installed from Inside

I'm pleased with the results:
Chest Detail Progress

Then I added a series of PVC rings along the area around the neck hole:
Chest Vent Closeup

While I was doing that, Freddy and Tiki were working on getting the stilts built into the T-60 legs:
Freddy Rigging Lower Leg

The final result was elegantly simple.  I'm looking forward to finishing the paint work:
Foot attached to stilt

I'm glad he took care of that part though, becasue it meant I could focus on the Grey Knight details:
Detailing Chest Vents

There's a lot of them:
Chest Front Details Progress

At some point it was just about 1am and it was time to go home.  I know because Tiki was in the shop giving me her best "it's 1am and it's time to go home" face:
Tiki at 1am

So that's what I did.

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