Saturday, May 12, 2018

COUNTDOWN! Six Days to Maker Faire!

Things are getting a bit hairy.  But I'm still on track to get it done.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  So here's a little over 27,000 words about the day.

My day started with laying up the final halves of the mothermold for the Mouser head and body:
Mouser Mothermolds Finished

Then demolding the next round of latex knee and elbow parts:
Demolding 2nd Round of Rubber Gaskets

Then pouring the next set:
Rubber Gasket Parts Drying

After a few minutes, the fiberglass mothermold parts had cured and I was ready to drill the flanges:
Drilling Mouser Mothermold Flanges

Once the prototypes had been removed, the molds were bolted together again and Ian set to work casting copies.  Here's the first Mouser body coming out of the mold:
Ian Demolding First Mouser Body

Madison spent the morning assembling Purity Seals for the Grey Knight:
Madison Trying on Purity Seal

They were built with magnets inside so they can be moved or removed around the finished armor:
Purity Seal Closeup

She made a lot of them:
Purity Seal Magnets

Mallory stopped by and did the prep work on a pair of Halo spike grenades:
Mallory Prepping Spike Grenades

It was dusty work:
Dusty Mallory

I got to work buffing out the small shield details for the Grey Knight:
Shawn Buffing Shields

Here's the little shoulder guy mounted and prepped for molding:
Small GK Shoulder Shield

Once that was gelcoated, I started working on installing the louvered vents in the Grey Knight's back:
Vent Frames Cut

They came out okay:
Vents Installed

When Ian wasn't rotocasting Mouser parts, he was molding minigun parts:
Shawn and Ian Boxing Minigun Parts

Ian Molding Minigun Front

Ian Prepping Mold Boxes

Somewhere along the way, my shipment of books came in:
Books Received

Freddy worked out the mounting flanges for the calves on the Fallout armor:
Freddy Building Flanges

Just for gits and shiggles, I went ahead and 3D printed an Eldar plasma grenade from Warhammer 40K:
Eldar Plasma Grenade Print
Which looks a bit...  odd.

Fairly late in the evening, Sierra noticed that a moth had landed in the next layer of freshly poured latex:
Moth in the Latex

Despite knowing it was a lost cause, I tried to pick him out and clean the goo off of him:
Moth Rescue
Sadly, he didn't make it.  So it goes.

To finish off the evening, I decided that Sierra's hand sculpt needed one more major modification.  With power tools.  She may not have been happy about it:
Sierra Unhappy about Modifications

But the end result will be a lot better:
Hand Sculpt Mangled

While I was screwing that up, Sean and Ian got a good start on trimming the Mouser head castings:
Heads in Progress

I'm thinking I may want to cast a new copy of the Grey Knight helmet so I can do a slightly better paintjob:
Helmet Ready
Because I need another thing to do right now.

So madness continues:
Shawn and Hei Hei

Stay tuned...

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