Monday, May 7, 2018

11 Days to Maker Faire

Today was a solid, productive day.

First off, I had Maria the Robot Whittler (one of my Carvewright CNC Machines) cut out the first new pieces I'll need in order to upgrade the display booth.  They look about like so:
Booth Display Stand Upgrade Panels

I'll need at least three more.  Maybe six.  They'll make more sense later.

I managed to make quite a bit more progress on the Grey Knight Terminator.  First off, I installed all of the hinge widgets:

The toughest one was the part that had to go under the skull detail on the right shoulder:
Right Shoulder Hinge Detail Smoothed

But I also managed a few minutes of bodywork on the chest:
Chest Details Closeup

While I was doing that, Freddy poured the rubber for the knees:
Freddy Draining Rubber Molds

He also poured the rubber for the Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armor:
Freddy Pouring Latex

And spent a bit of time adding what we are calling the "roll bars" to the shins:
Freddy Installing Ankle Brackets

In between all of that, I finalized the shape of the Mouser jaw and git it almost ready to mold:
Jaw Ready to Mold

So this is about how it looks right now, sitting on the bench waiting for me to mold it tomorrow:
Body and Jaw Ready to Mold

I also printed a pair of ears for the Mouser's head, but I'm not at all happy with them:
Ear Puck Test Fitting

In the midst of that, Madison busied herself with the painting of these odd little Christmas ornaments:
Grenade Base Colors

She's rather proud of them:
Madison and Her Grenades

Tomorrow's to-do list is a daunting collection of fiberglass work, paint prep, shopping, shipping, and working out some design quirks.

If only I could find more time...

Need More Time

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