Saturday, May 5, 2018

13 Days to the Maker Faire

Witness my continuing descent into madness as all of my deadlines catch up with me at once.

Among other things, I've decided I need to make some upgrades to my display booth.  Here's what it looked like last year before I added all of the stuff to it:
Booth Built

It's fine, but some parts make it a bit tough to put together and transport.  Particularly the big grey areas on either side that become the gun display racks:

So I need to rebuild those as well as make some new stands for mannequin halves and helmets.

So far all I have is the design for the sides of the stands:

More on that later.

Yesterday I made a tiny bit of progress on the T-60.  Namely, I made the molds for the rubber parts:
Rubber Joint mold Curing

I'll make more progress today.  Soon I'll need to pick a paintjob.  Any suggestions?

The Grey Knight got a lot more progress yesterday.  First off, that third block of stone in this pic is the mold for the rubber knee parts for the Grey Knight:
Rubber Joint mold Curing

I also decided to see if my friend Madison would fit in the armor.  She's just a bit over five feet tall.  Here she is trying on the lower leg:
Madison Test Fitting GK Lower Leg

With a bit of temporary duct tape rigging, here she is with most of the lower body on:
Madison GK Donning Progress

And a the chest:
Madison GK Lower Half

So that's shaping up.

I also prepped these last few parts for molding:
Purity Seals and Hinge Ready to Mold

Then poured some rubber on them:
Detail Molds

For the Mouser bot, the only progress I made was a tiny bit of sanding on the lower jaw and the very earliest step toward molding the main body:
Mouser Body Mold Started


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