Sunday, May 13, 2018

COUNTDOWN! FIVE Days to Maker Faire

This was a productive day.

For me, it started with fiberglass:
Laying Up Shield Mold

For my friend Sean, it started with masking helmets for detail painting:
Sean Prepping TIE Helmets

For Ian and Danielle, it was mixing and pouring silicone:
Danielle and Ian Mixing and Pouring Silicone

Danielle Pouring Rubber Block Molds

Madison started her day with prepping Grey Knight shoulders for detail paint:
Madi Masking Shoulder

Freddy locked himself in a room with the belt sander and made a bunch of dust:
Freddy in CNC Room

And Sierra got to sculpting the Grey Knight hand:
Sierra Finishing Hand Sculpt

Eventually, I got to testing out the head and neck parts of the Mousers:
Tensioning Mouser Neck

Madison sprayed some gold paint and unmasked the shoulder parts:
Unmasking Gold

Freddy switched to fiberglassing:
Freddy Glassing Shin Flanges

One of the Mousers started chewing on a doorknob:
Mouser Eating Doorknob

Lettering was added to the Grey Knight shins:
Letter Spacing

Ankle Lettering Done

One Shin Lettered

The right hand sculpt was finished:
Right Hand Sculpt Done

I brushed up a silicone mold jacket for it:
Molding Right Hand

Freddy put the finishing touches on his T-60 helmet:
Freddy Prepping Helmet

He's very happy with it:
Freddy Painting Helmet

Ian made mold boxes for some more parts:
Ian Making Mold Box

I trimmed the mold for the Grey Knight's little shoulder shield:
Shield Mold Trimmed

The prototype demolded cleanly:
Prototype De-Molded

Peeling PVA

At some point in the evening, Tiki stopped by the shop:
Tiki Visiting

By then, Madison had finished lettering the shins:
Shins Lettered

Tiki was unimpressed:
Tiki Resting

Freddy's work on the T-60 shins is nearly done:
Shins Glassed

And progress continues:
Gauntlet Lettering Progress

Stay tuned.

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