Sunday, August 1, 2010

Retro Cop Car Renders

A couple of decades ago my father bought a very well-preserved 1957 Ford from the estate of the original owner out in Tomales, CA.  It was in near-perfect condition with only some minor deterioriation of the original paintjob.  Over the years the paint has faded and Dad has always said that he'd like to get it repainted to look like a police car. 

Finally, after all those years, he's gotten around to getting it done.  Here's the result:
1957 Ford Black and White

It looks pretty sharp, but there's still plenty of details that need to be sorted out.  Dad's been scouring eBay looking for a dome light to put on top of the roof.  Meanwhile, I've been devoting my spare time to the concept design for the badges and lettering that will adorn the doors.  Here's a few of my photoshop sketches so far...

First up, RETRO PD:
Retro Cop Car

An old friend from college who's now an NYPD cop mentioned a while back that he wished his patrol car had a skull and crossbones on it and the slogan "You got yourself into this, now get yourself out of it."  So I figured I'd give that a go:
Random City Cop Car
Random PD

A few of my geekier friends suggested I borrow the Decepticon police logo from the Transformers movie:
Decepticon Cop Car

As long as I was trying geeky, I figured it was worth doing this too:
Imperial Cop Car

Then I figured I'd try something simpler:
Grumpy Cop Car

I also spent a few minutes tinkering and came up with a glammed-up version of Lady Justice:
Thorsson City Cop Car

So far I'm liking this last one the best.

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions.

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