Saturday, August 28, 2010


I've been noticing lately that there's a lot of guano landing on board the Heart of Gold along with some sort of berries.  This would all make sense except for the fact that I haven't been seeing a lot of birds on board.

Then the other day I woke up, walked into the main cabin, and noticed this little guy staring at me:
Bird on a Wire

A little to the left I saw this one:
Birds 020

As I headed forward to the head, I saw more on the foredeck:
birds 012

But that was nothing compared to all the birds on the lifelines:
birds 010

They were everywhere:
Birds Everywhere

I was suddenly filled with worry because I'd put a new coat of varnish on the portside gunwale the day before.  When I checked, it turned out that, magically, all of the birds had confined themselves to landing on the starboard side. 


Still, I'm thinking it's time to install a scarecrow.

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