Monday, August 9, 2010

Dogwashing Mercenaries

The other day I was tinkering in the workshop when my father mentioned that he had to leave the niece and nephew with me while he made a quick run to pick up some parts.  I figured I should check what they were up to before I accepted responsibility for them.  I was right to do so:

I figured then that the best thing for keeping them out of trouble was to give them a job to do.  Today's job: dogwashing.  Bain was not happy about it:
Dog Washing 1

Kira was only slightly more enthusiastic:
Dog Washing 23

The real fun was the occasional drying shake when the kids weren't expecting it:
Dog Washing 2

In the end, everybody came out better:
Dog Washing

When Dad returned they went back to their regularly-scheduled ridiculousness:
Skylar and Trey and their mobile swimming pool.

I'm sure this evolution makes sense to them.

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