Monday, September 21, 2009

Renaissance Faire Snapshotse

I can't say when it was, where it was, or all of who I was with, but a little while back Ana and I went down to a Ren Faire somewhere in California. It was a pretty goode time and there were plenty of well-costumed performers there:
REN photo 4

ren photo 5

My absolute favorite show was Moonie. I didn't get any really goode snapshotse of the show, but if you ever get a chance to see this guye live, don't hesitate to check it out:
ren photo

Unfortunately, I didn't have anything to wear and had to borrowe appropriate attire from my friend Ray for the daye. Ana just pulled something out of her closet for the occasion:
ren photo 2

It was a goode time, taken for all and all, and I got to operate the little catapultse:
kite photo 3

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