Friday, September 4, 2009

Rat Rod Update

Last week I arrived in Petaluma on Monday afternoon. I stopped by the folks house just in time to catch a ride with Dad over to the muffler shop where they were installing the exhaust system in the rat rod.

Here's a shot of it in the parking lot at the muffler shop:

rat rod parked

And here's a shot of it up on the rack:
Rat Rod undercarriage
You can see here the big pipes coming off of the exhaust manifolds on either side leading to the little mufflers on either side in the rear.

Here's a couple more shots of it in the driveway when we finally got back to the house:
Rat Rod Rolling

Rat Rod Parked

And here's the bed of the truck lifted up to show the shiny new parts inside:
Rat Rod Bed Lift

Now all that's left is a few details like a hood ornament, custom shift knob, and making it street legal according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

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