Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goofy Project #5049: Vacforming Phase Nearly Complete

Yesterday's progress began with yet another blood sacrifice to the Project Gods:forehead hook

It turns out that the overhead oven configuration for the vacforming machine is a good idea, but the hooks that hold the plastic frame in place are right about at forehead level for me.  The corners were sharp too, so I had to solve that problem:
Frame hooks taped.

The vacforming machine has proven to be exceedingly useful.  Here's the beginnings of a suit of armor vacformed in .040" ABS:
Torso Armor Test Fit

We've also got a bunch of these panels ready to paint:
vacformed panels

Meanwhile, the other parts are slowly coming together:
Production and Progress

Rose models the M90A

I now have just about five days to bring this whole thing together.  Thankfully I already have all of the camouflage netting on hand and transportation is coming together.  The only minor challenge will be the painting and the electronics.  Stay tuned...

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