Saturday, May 7, 2011

Goofy Project #5049 Continues at Breakneck Pace

Shortly after I last wrote about Goofy Project #5049, I finished assembling a couple of these:
Booth Build17
Luckily I managed to avoid getting any blood on them.

In addition to adding some handy horizontal work space, these new assemblies made for a great place to design the next portion of Goofy Project #5049:
Booth Building17

With the poorly rendered, slipshod thumbnail sketch established for guidance, I promptly began building right on top of it:
Booth Building18

By the end of the day, I had achieved this:
Booth Building19
Making the workshop look like the beginnings of a low-budget reenactment of 2001: A Space Oddysey.

For the first vital detail to be added to Goofy Project #5049, I cobbled together this little masterpiece kludge of prop engineering:
Booth Building21

The following day, it was clear that Goofy Project #5049 was starting to take up too much space.  So I decided it was time to unstack everything and move it outside so I could get started on the next phase:
Booth Building22

The next phase needs black grating:
Booth 006

Here's me and Matt screwing:
Booth 020

Matt was pleased:
Booth 034

Somewhere along the way, I've also started to stack up some of the smaller parts:
Booth Building20

Stay tuned for more news and pictures of Goofy Project #5049.  I promise it will all make sense soon...


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