Thursday, March 17, 2011

Forgive me, Readers, for I Have Sinned...

...It's been nearly a month since I wrote anything about my goofy projects in the workshop. 

The problem is: everything's just "in progress" and I prefer to write up projects from start to finish.  Still, just to keep your interest, here's some of the irons I've got in the fire right now...

First off, I've been painting my Warhammer 40K Space Marine chaplain helmet:
Chaplain Weathered Test Fit

I'm also building some UNSC Marine costumes from Halo 3. For now I've made a helmet prototype:
Marine Helmet Texture

It's halfway through moldmaking right now:
Marine Helmet Mothermold Left

I'm also making tiny progress on my M90A Shotgun from Halo 3:
Shotgun Scale

As long as I happen to be building damned near everything the Humans ever used in HALO, I'm also working on a pair of ODST costumes.  The other day I finished assembling the backpack for one of them:
ODST Backpack Mostly Assembled

In other video game costuming news, I've started sculpting the helmet for Isaac Clarke's engineering suit from Dead Space 2:
Isaac Clarke Faceshield Placeholder 2

I'm also making progress on my Caboose helmet, doing prep work on a batch of Kneeling Rifleman Garden Gnomes, painting up a raw cast of a clonetrooper helmet from Star Wars Episode III, making a few new products for my Etsy Shop, occasionally checking in on my father's Frankenbarn project, doing preliminary design work on my display for the Maker Faire, and hopefully next week I'll have drive sprockets on my tank.

It's all sorts of interesting stuff, but for now none of it is done enough to write about.  Stay tuned...


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