Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gneeling Gnomes with Rifles

Forever ago I posted some pics of the prototype of my Gneeling Gnome:

Gneeling Gnome Prototype

I like this sculpt more than the first one. He looks much angrier:
Gneeling Gnome Face

Shortly after I finished the sculpt, I set about making the rubber jacket mold:
Gneeling Gnome Molding

Since the original standing gnome rifleman didn't sell very well on eBay, I decided not to waste time finishing the mold. It's been sitting on top of a cabinet in the workshop ever since.

More recently, I've opened my Etsy shop ( and it turns out I've sold a few. Enough to justify finishing up a second one at any rate.

So on Tuesday I finally went ahead and started work on the mothermold:
Gneeling Gnome Mother Mold Half

Then on Wednesday I pulled the sculpt out of the mold and poured the first copy:
Gneeling Gnome First Cast
The lump of green and white on the right is the original sculpt.  They don't tend to survive being removed from the mold.

Now I just need a few gallons of casting resin so I can start production proper.  So go to my Etsy shop and buy some gnomes so I can afford to keep going...


  1. A saw a picture of this on Facebook by TGS.COM and people were interested so I commented with the link to you shop on Etsy. Good luck with the sales!

  2. What do you sculpt in? And what do you use to make your molds?

  3. Have you considered creating a Tank Gnome with a Gnome that's standing up in the hatch of a tank? I've a friend in the military who is a tank commander. This would make an excellent Christmas gift for him.