Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Unseaworthy Vessel of the Week: Silver Minivan

This morning I woke up on my boat and, like many mornings, went for coffee and a bagel at the Marina Bean coffee shop in the adjacent office building.  When I walked in, the owner asked if I had a nice view this morning.

"Same as any day, I guess," says I, "Why?"

"Some guy tried to park another car next to your boat" says he, "didn't you hear it?"

This bothers me a little bit.  Apparently about the exact time as I was waking up this morning, just before the fog was starting to lift, someone tried to drive around the wrong side of the office building and ended up rolling right down the boat ramp.  Here's a picture taken from the Press Democrat's website:

My boat is just outside of the frame to the right.  The part that bothers me is that I managed to not notice anything at all while the car splashed into the water and later when the towing crew hauled it back out.  

Either way, it's not been too long since the last time this happened.  Maybe when they resurfaced the parking lot they should've repainted the lettering and stripes that warned folks they were approaching a ramp that would dump them into the river.  But what do I know?

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