Saturday, October 16, 2010

Unseaworthy Vessel of the Week: BMW Z3

Yesterday morning I got down to the marina to see this circus forming up:
Sunken Beamer1
I'd just missed the fire and police department.  By the time I got there, all that was left was one Community Service Officer, two tow trucks, and a scuba diver with his boat.  The diver snaked the tow cable and his air line into the water and a few moments later, they started to drag this shiny BMW Z3 convertible up the boat ramp:
Sunken Beamer2

The owner had stopped at the top of the boat ramp early in the morning to leave a note on the door to the harbormaster's office.  Then he heard a splash, turned around, and noticed his car was gone.


It was out of the water fairly quick, but it will still end up being counted as a total loss:
Sunken Beamer3

It's a shame too.  This is one of the models I was considering as a replacement for my own car.  I suppose I could have this one for cheap, but I'm not ready to put up with the litany of little problems that will plague this car even after it's been stripped, cleaned, dried, and reassembled.

Lately it seems someone parks a car underwater at my marina about once a year.  The last time it was a van with a boat trailer.  The owner was launching his boat singlehanded, holding a bow line from the boat with his left hand through the driver's side window.  When the boat started to drift off, he jumped out to tie off the bow line and his van and trailer rolled down the ramp and disappeared underwater.

People amaze me sometimes.

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