Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yesterday I Saw the Most Beautiful Butterfly...

...moments before it splattered across the windshield:

I gave it a proper memorial service though:

This was at Pacific Junction, Iowa. It's a tiny little hamlet surrounded by miles and miles of corn. If you know your way around in the corn, you can find a Harley Davidson dealership there too. In case you can't find your way through the corn* there's a signpost to help you out as well:
Pacific Junction Harley Iowa

They have lots of shiny things to buy there:
But I didn't buy any of them since we didn't have enough room in the car:
For that, and other reasons, we also didn't stop at the nearby Handbag Outlet:
Handbag Outlet
Tune in next time for the continuing trip north, the Corn Palace, the liesurely turn west, Wall Drug, Mount Rushmore, and more**...

*Nobody can find their way through corn, that's why cornfields so often find their way into American horror films.
**"More" includes buffaloes, antelopes, unidentified rodentia, dinosaurs, and a camel. Really.

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  1. If you go to through the Badlands National Park. Look for the signs that say "beware of the Prairie Dog, they have the plague" Enjoy the corn.-Mrs. Vic