Thursday, June 25, 2009

On the Road Again... Still...

So now that the wyf is done with her temporary assignment as the official blogger for the Coast Guard, we've set out on the next leg of the summer travel adventure extravaganza. Here's what the route for this leg looks like:
Map Leg1

The first scheduled stop was in Virginia (not marked on the map, but about an hour down the road from DC) where we caught up with my old friend Steve McCoin and his wife Jen. Steve and I were in high school and Sea Scouts together and lost track of each other after I went off to college and he enlisted in the Marine Corps. Since then he's settled down a bit on the East Coast and it was really great to catch up with him and see the success story he's turned into:
Steve n Jen

After dinner with them it was time to head further south to John and Brenda Visneski's place (Ana's brother and his wife) where we were to collect the little dogs. It turns out they were well cared for and not at all happy to see me:
Ru-wich In fact, since we picked them up I've been making a regular habit of wrapping them in whatever I happen to have handy:
They're kinda pathetic.

The following morning we finally set out toward the West. On the way we spotted this happy motoring pit bull:
Ridin Pit
We were bound for New Orleans so Ana could do the final few things to get signed out of her old office. We ended up getting there fairly late on a Sunday afternoon, but still caught the tail end of a local car show. It was kinda nice to see a bunch of vintage cars and hot rods all straightened out and shined up. I'm not used to that.

I snapped a few pictures so you could enjoy it too:

Next up: the detour north. Stay tuned...

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