Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Coast Guard Foundation Dinner

For our last night in Washington DC, Ana and I ended up going to the Coast Guard Foundation's fundraising dinner. I don't have much to say about it other than it was nice to get all dressed up...
Service Dress Blues
...and the cocktail hour was pleasant...

...and the venue was pretty impressive all the way around...

...Oh, and Ross Perot was there (remember that guy? I thought he was dead or something) and so was Lucy L. Bean (granddaughter of THAT L.L. Bean and founder of
Linda's Perfect Maine, a web-based business that allows you to order live Maine lobsters delivered to your door*), the Commandant of the Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, about a dozen other admirals and generals (many of whom were named "Allen" as well), and half a dozen US Congressmen.

By the time it was over I had eaten too much and drank too much and generally just enjoyed the heck out of it.

Ana, on the other hand, actually had to work while we were there. Her job was to post Twitter tweets throughout the event, so whenever someone made a memorable statement or something interesting happened she'd start typing away on her little iPhone. I found out later that people on the other side of the dining area were reading her tweets in realtime during the event.

So it's quite possible that I was the only person who was actually paying attention to the event as it was happening. Wierd.

*I've suddenly got a great idea for a practical joke or two...

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