Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Brief Dose of Awesomness

It turns out I married an absolutely gorgeous woman. Not that I didn't notice before, and I certainly haven't forgotten in the interim, but the other day she sent me a reminder in the form of photographs. Here's one from the first batch in a series from a recent photoshoot she sat for:

I win.

There are a lot more pics, but there's also nothing that says I have to share.



  1. you better be moving in with her when you come back... otherwise you might wake up to find you sea cocks open.

  2. Wow. I've just been threatened by an anonymous internet tough guy.

  3. Pssst, I think that was a compliment.

    Kinda. ;)

  4. It could be paraphrased as "cohabitate or be drowned," I'm not sure how you read that as a compliment.

    I just figured it was your dad chiming in.

  5. Ah, see it could also be read for the subtext of "Wow, you are a lucky bastard and I would drown you if you weren't smart enough to keep close to her to try and take your place"

    Dad? He wouldn't be so subtle. :D