Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Recent UFO Sightings in the Workshop

It's been a while since I've posted anything substantial, so here's a quick rundown of UnFinished Objects (UFOs) hanging around in the shop lately...

First up, I've cranked out a couple new Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines.  One is a Pre-Heresy version of the Dark Angel:

Detail Closeup

That one's pretty, but the better one is Captain Titus from last year's video game Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine by THQ:
Full Suit

While I've been working on those, my friend Matt has taken the lead on this year's Halloween project:
First Proton Pack Pull

Proton Pack Back

I'm not entirely sure how many of us there will be, but if you see a gaggle of Ghostbusters in downtown Petaluma on Halloween, it's us:

In other news, I received a particularly interesting shipment on Friday.  This is the first of three skids containing my shiny new 3D printer:
Jarvis Arrives

The other two packages were much bigger:

This is the printer I won in the "Make it Real" Challenge on Instructables.com back in June.  I have named it "Jarvis."  You can see some of the specs here: http://objet.com/3d-printers/desktop/objet30-pro

Any suggestions as to what I should have him make?

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  1. Congrats on the win THOR. And if you're truly asking for suggestions, I have one. Make an apple. It's a simple object, but it has clear and recognizable dimensions. Making it in the printer will give you a good sense of how well the machine does curves. Also, you can compare the printed object with the real thing to see how well they match up.

  2. What do you mean Pre-Heresy Dark Angel? They are always on border of Heresy and they constantly cross the line!

    Signed, your local Space Wolf Chaplain ;]

  3. Oh, man, I want your workshop so bad. I could just crank out Space Marine after Space Marine. Do you have any plans for Chaos or stepping up the size even more for some Terminator armor?

  4. I would recommend Darth Vader with Mickey Mouse Ears, wearing Woody the Cowboys outfit, Kermit the Frog collar and Wolverine claws

  5. Since he's Jarvis it'd be only fitting to have him do something related to Iron Man. Perhaps a replica Arc Reactor to start off? Or go big and do a full size set of the Mark 8 armor!

  6. Oh man. Think of the things you could make on the 405th...

  7. Hello, and congrats!

    Can you tell me how you unpacked/removed the foam part that holds the head in place for shipping?

    The machine I got didn't come with instuctions how to remove the foam part.

    Thanks in advance for any help