Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MAKE Magazine

If you've never read MAKE Magazine, you should.  I make it a point to run down to the news stand and buy a copy every time a new issue comes out.  The latest issue hit shelves yesterday.  It's at least twice as awesome as the previous issues, so I bought two:
2012-10-24 12.14.52

Ask for it at your local bookstore.  Failing that, Barnes & Noble carries it.


  1. Congratulations!! Time to hire minions, preferably evil minions

  2. Congratulations! Love your work.

  3. Congratulations again! How is Jarvis working out for you so far? I haven't seen you post anything about the printer yet.

    1. Jarvis arrives tomorrow. Then a company rep will come spend two days teaching me and my crew how to use and maintain him. Then it's ON.

  4. WTG M8. I've been following your blog since getting interested in Pepakura about a year ago. and your stuff just keeps getting more and more astounding :)