Thursday, September 16, 2010

HALO Costume Update: Getting Dressed

With the marathon of exhaustion I've been going through the past few days and the previous three years of on and off snail's-pace progress I've been making on this project, I will say I was more than a bit elated to finally be putting the damned thing on. Unfortunately, there's no way I could do it without at least one other person to help snap and strap things in place. Here's how it goes...

Step one: put on the lower half of everything so that the thigh straps go up over the shoulders:

Step two: put on the top half of the undersuit:

Step three: strap on the diaper, backplate, and abplate, making sure everything is lined up:

Step four: slip on the arm parts, gloves, and hood, then buckle the chest in place:

Step five: don helmet, grab a weapon, and look menacing:

Step six: pwnage test:

Now I've had a chance to test out the whole rig and I've got a lot of ideas for improvements. I also need to get to work on a blue suit.

First up: finding an easier way to go to the bathroom while in costume:

Stay tuned for pictures of my first evening out wearing this.

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  1. That is absolutely awesome.That is one bright idea.I'm fond of telling my wife,"the world is full of very fertile brains and imaginations." you sir are one of them.

    eric lund