Thursday, June 24, 2010

Strolling the East End of the Island

At the behest of more than one friend, I drove out to the town of Kailua on the East end of Oahu in search of a restaurant called "Buzz's Steakhouse." It wasn't too difficult to find, but I'll admit that I was none too impressed with the exterior of the place. It turns out that I'd arrived fully half an hour before they opened for dinner, so I was invited to sit at the bar and drink my way though the wait.

When I finally got around to the dinner portion of the evening, Buzz did not disappoint:

I was given a respectable table too:

Having finished dinner (and the rummiest mai tais I've ever had), I found myself a bit too inebriated to comfortably drive back to the hotel. Fortunately, there was a nice, empty beach right across the street:
Wandering Oahu 002

At first I figured it was merely the weather that had kept everyone else from crowding out there with me. Then I spotted the first of several of these signs:
Wandering Oahu 003

I'm not sure exactly what the area was contaminated with, but close scrutiny found no shortage of little bits of plastic scattered all over below the high water mark:
Wandering Oahu 012

Even if it meant I was likely to find an early grave from heavy metal poisoning or asbestos exposure, I was glad to have the place mostly to myself:
Wandering Oahu 029

As I ambled along, I did end up crossing paths with a very few other people. There was also a kite surfing class that was packing in their gear as I walked by. So mostly, this was my view:
Wandering Oahu 030

Here's me enjoying solitude and quiet reflection:
Wandering Oahu 027

Among other things, I contemplated the scattered remnants of sand castles left behind by earlier visitors to the same beach. While I pondered I noticed that while many amateur sculptors had made sand castles, nobody had bothered to provide their sandy royalty with sand thrones. So I made one:
Sand Throne

Hopefully there will be more of these in the future.*

*This picture was altered significantly in photoshop.

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