Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Matt's Tank Project Begins At Last

I can't help but think that this is somehow my fault...

My friend Matt decided some time ago that as long as I was building a miniature Sherman tank, he needed to build himself a miniature Panzer.

For the past couple or three years, the closest he's come to actually starting this project was to buy himself a handful of road wheels and pile them in his garage.

Now his wife's pregnant.

Realizing that his remaining opportunities for childishness are numbered in months now, he has started building his Panzer.

Here's a handful of pics of his progress so far, beginning with this early shot of the hull:

Here's Matt screwing together a handful of the parts:

And the trademark sloped sides of the Panzer starting to shape up:

Since I was helping (not much) I decided to line up all of the road wheels he had on one side (because that's all he had on hand):

Here's a shot of Matt testing the tank for fit:

As long as he was at it, I had to try it on too:

Here's a shot of the turret starting to come together:

You may have noticed that Matt is making the same mistake that I made in the early stages of building my tank. Instead of finding some cheap components and building a tank around them, he's building the outside and he'll end up having to find parts that fit inside. This is likely to be the more expensive route, but oh well. IN the end, it should still look like this:

Stay tuned...

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