Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finally, a Day I'd Call Busy

After a few weeks of waiting, I finally gave up on the Navy Reserve sending me off to Pearl Harbor for my two weeks of annual training. I wasn't terribly upset about it though and actually started stacking up things to do over the next two weeks instead. In fact, the night before yesterday I was tinkering on the boat until the wee hours of yesterday morning, secure in the knowledge that I'd have weeks to catch up on my sleep.

When I rolled over yesterday morning (the ninth of June) at around 9 am, I checked my phone and noticed that I had a number of emails. Three of them were notifications that my orders had come through. I was due to report in Hawaii on the morning of the 11th, so I was flying out of SFO at 0913 on the tenth. This gave me just a scant 24 hours to go and I was going to need every single one of them.

Here's the to-do list I scribbled out as I was getting out of bed:

  • Drop off and feed the dogs at the folks' house
  • Run boxes to post office and pick up undelivered packages waiting for me there
  • Grab breakfast at a coffee shop while sorting through outstanding orders online
  • Get a haircut
  • Pick up boxes and shipping supplies
  • Build, box, and ship unfilled customer orders
  • Pack uniforms, civilian clothes, camera, and dive mask for trip to Hawaii
  • Replace oil absorbent pads in the bilges of the Heart of Gold
  • Attend an opera with Rose
  • Meet up with the usual crowd for dinner
  • Find all of the power cords and chargers for portable electronics
  • Clear-cut all of the weeds growing in the dog pen
  • Visit with mom at the office
  • Gas up the car
  • Arrange cash payment for canvas boat cover
  • Take in buckets of caffeine
I'm pleased to say that I accomplished all of this and more and still found time to stop and be sociable along the way. Tomorrow I'll put on my lieutenant commander pants and see what Navy life is like for a couple of weeks. For now I've been up for a solid 38 hours of scrambling and working and driving, so it's time to go collapse.

Thank you and goodnight.


  1. Right after you were sociable with us at the Marina, me and your mom accidentally caught the microwave on fire. No actual flames, but exciting none the less. Good times!

  2. I heard about the microwave debacle. I'm not sure I like your subtle hint at a causal relationship between my visit and the smoking appliance.