Saturday, March 6, 2010

M60A1 US Marine Corps Main Battle Tank


listed on eBay. The description states:

"One of the very few M60's in private hands. This 1982 Chrysler built M60A1 is a USMC Desert Storm veteran. Now painted in Olive drab, it was once desert tan. The Marines were the last service to use the M60 and it has been upgraded with the reactive armor boxes that you see around the turret. There are no real guns or armament of any kind on this vehicle. All of the guns are simulated to look as original. The tank was demilled by torch cutting slices in the front hull and the turret sides. These have been repaired by welding, not with body filler. You can not tell it has been cut from the inside or outside. The tank runs and drives great. Near new track with all new road wheels. Some spare and extra parts are included. The tank is 52 tons and over 12 feet wide. It is expensive to transport. We will load at no charge and give names of transporters that can handle this super heavy load. This is the ultimate toy!"

I don't like their description though. I think I'd've pitched it more like so:

If you're looking for quality, then look no further. This tank has a cruising speed of 30mph and includes a variety of safety features such as up to three inches of reinforced steel plating and reactive armor designed to protect your passengers from short-range missile attacks. This is a 52-ton war machine!

Still not sure? Did I mention the tank is a tank?

Sold! I totally need to be a salesman!

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