Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dog Pictures

I've been snapping a lot of pictures of these guys and decided it was time to round them up and post them here.

First is a shot of Bain and Kira sitting outside the cafe where I have my morning coffee:
Deck Dogs

After a long walk on a warm day, here's Kira cooling off in the fountain in downtown Petaluma:
Kira Fountain

Bain, being the slimmer dog, was not nearly so overheated:
Nice Day in Downtown Petaluma

Here's a snapshot of Bain relaxing in his customary spot in the middle of the driveway:
Driveway Bain

Not long after that, I caught Bain and Kira both going after a gopher:
Digging dogs
I tried to get a picture of Kira hanging out in the bed of Dad's truck, but she didn't seem to like it very much:
For some reason, Rose's bulldog looks more at home in that particular vehicle:
More recently, Ana left her little buttheads with me:
Her dogs are half Chihuahua, half Dachshund. You may have heard of Chiweenies before. I'm trying to start a trend of calling them "Franks & Beans."

They're tiny but, believe it or not, my dogs ride easier in my car:
Ridin Bain

Ridin Kira

Mine even stay where they're supposed to when I park:
Bijou on the Hood

But her dogs make better lawn ornaments:
Lawn Ornament Bijou

And fit on the little scooter better:
Scooter Ru

Anyway, now back to our normally scheduled programming.

Stay tuned...

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