Monday, March 15, 2010

HALO Costume Project Update

I've been wanting to get a few more pics of me wearing the parts I've made so far. Unfortunately I've been alone in the shop most nights while I've been working on these things. Then the other night my sister Rose made the mistake of stopping by the workshop to visit. That's when I shanghaied her into taking these:

Here I'm wearing the torso armor with the new ab plate and one of the pulls from my undersuit molds. It's a bit snug, but I think it looks pretty good:

Speaking of snug, I'm really glad I decided to separate the front and back halves. Getting it on and off while they're attached is a bit painful:

Since she was there, I also coaxed the sister into trying the rig on as well:

She's bit too small for this outfit:

I guess it makes sense that she looks a bit wrong since I'm a good four or five inches taller and it's almost too small for me:

Someone mentioned this photo needed some photoshop magic to maximize its cool factor. I don't think there's any way to make this kid look cool:

In other news, the thigh molds are done:

I've only poured two pairs of thigh armor so far, but I had to take a few shots of me wearing them:

I'm holding them in place with black duct tape for now. When I finish the flexible inner thigh armor, that should hold them much better. That plus a worthwhile strapping system should make it possible for me to avoid the pooped pants pose:

Fortunately, I can still strike iconic poses:

Now all I have to do is finalize my faceshield design, build a new vacuform table to make copies of them, finish sculpting out the undersuit pieces, mold and cast copies of them, then re-prototype, mold, and cast the boots, and paint the whole thing. Piece of cake.

Stay tuned...

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  1. Rose looks good in that outfit!