Sunday, February 10, 2013

Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Build Part 9: Taking to the Field

In case you're just now tuning in, here's the other parts of the Space Marine build:
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But the absolute best part about any of these builds is seeing the response they get when they're out in public.  Here's a few pictures and videos of the Space Marines out and about.  

Their initial debut was in May at the 2012 Bay Area Maker Faire.  If you were there, they were hard to miss:
Dark Angel Maker Faire Stroll

Sm Beakie Dark Angel Crowd

SM Hacking Children IN Show Off 2

In addition to oodles and gobs of photos that people took, there were also a few video teams that interviewed me:

When the event began we had two suits all put together and walking around.  The third suit was assembled on location and was walking around by the middle of the second day.  

Everyone seems to have had a good time: IN Show Off 6

A short while later, my friend Matt wore one of them to Fanime, a local convention.  He got a lot of attention there.  It turns out these suits really stand out: IN Show Off

At about that same time, I did an interview with Make Magazine.  What started as a quick "let's take a look around your workshop" visit soon spread into a much bigger piece including the cover:
2012-10-24 12.14.52

In addition to the cover, there was a four-page spread showing much of my costume portfolio.  Here's the whole image stitched together, courtesy of Make:
MAKE Centerfold 
While that spread does a good job of providing a sense of scale for the Space Marines, it doesn't really showcase the details.  Fortunately, the good people at Make were kind enough to send me some of the pictures of each suit by itself.  Here they are:
Double Eagle Suit

Winged Skull Suit

Winged Sword Suit
You can see more about that issue of Make magazine at

While I really loved all three of those suits, I really felt I could do a better job of making one with more trim and embellishments.  So I knuckled down and built another one: 
Tall and Leaning

My favorite part about this particular suit is the insanely heavy sculpt of the Crux Terminatus on the left shoulder:
Dressing 3

I think the suit is pretty sexy:
Big Sexy

Chicks dig it:

I'm sure there will be plenty more opportunities to get these guys out and about.  So expect more pics like this:

In case you're wondering, that guy's not at all short for a stormtrooper.
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  1. Looks awesome - and I love the NES controls on the left forearm! XD

  2. All of your stuff is amazing, but as a fan of warhammer the space marine costumes are particular favourites of mine. Have you thought about making any of the robes for which the Dark Angels are well known?

  3. i do so want, but in pre heresy armor and colors

  4. that is amazing. I'm 17 and I'm wondering how I could get started in special effects?

  5. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again.

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