Monday, July 11, 2011

Rose's Rat Rod Glam Photoshoot

The other day Richard Small of Richard Small Photography contacted my sister Rose to pose for a set of glamor shots with a rat rod down at Infineon Raceway.  Looking at his website he's done a lot of great work, so she was looking forward to it.

Here's one of the splendid results:
_RLS2013 Rose#12

And another that focuses a bit more on the car:
_RLS1862 Rose#2

More pictures after the jump. Enjoy.

_RLS1980 Rose#9

_RLS2020 Rose Thorsson m#2

_RLS1943 Rose Thorsson GG#2

Here she is with Ryan Kertz, the owner/builder of the car:
_RLS2071 R&R


  1. Rose is so pretty!

  2. Awesome Rose & Awesome Rat Rod- Love the pics!