Thursday, July 28, 2011

Long Time, No Post

I've been busy cranking out all sorts of things in the workshop lately.  Since there's been nothing I can call "finished" I figured I should still post something to keep people interested in this blog.

For lack of anything better to share, here's a video of a Russian T-72 Tank being rapidly disassembled by a Javelin missile:

By "rapidly disassembled" I mean "blown right the f*ck up."  45 tons of lethal combat vehicle becomes a few truckloads of scrap metal in a matter of "right now."  According to the video, the engine was thrown 65 meters away from where it started.  That's a V-12 diesel engine thrown two-thirds of a football field away!

Kaboom, yo.

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  1. Iraqi's and Iranians are a hardy people. I'm sure a potential crew would fine =D