Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Warning Label for My Forming Oven

A while back I wrote this post about building my own vacuforming machine.  I've since added a vital warning label to the oven section:
Warning Label

I'm still trying to decide what to put on the short sides by the hooks that hold the frame up.  Since they're sharp and I've already managed to cut my head on them a couple of times, I'm toying with "CAUTION: THIS THING WILL EAT YOUR HEAD." 

Any thoughts?  Please leave suggestions in the comments.


  1. What about: "Warning: Blood sacrifice required" or "Ouch" or "Warning: Corners may cause blood donation"

  2. Or a stencil of a head hunter? Maybe an executioner, since it will eventually take your head off? Or just "The Executioner"

  3. "Guillotine in Training"

  4. How about this one?

    "WARNING: These hooks are sharp and probably have blood on them. Do not lick."