Friday, June 17, 2011

Current Works in Progress

I dislike posting about unfinished things.  For me it's not much better than posting about things I'm thinking about doing.  Until a project is finished, it's not much more than a notion.  I figure if I write something like "I'm about halfway done building a functional jetpack," I might as well also go ahead and post "I'm making a cure for cancer," or "any minute now I'll write a novel." 

Still, sometimes I think there's not enough stuff getting finished in the workshop and I'm suffering from a lack of interesting things to post about.  So here I am reluctantly posting pictures of things that are getting done even if they're not getting finished quite yet...

First up, my friend Trevor has enlisted my help to build an Achilles costume for an upcoming Trojan War reenactment.  Here's a very early picture of his helmet coming together:
Trevor's Achilles Helm begins

On the subject of helmets, I'm still making progress on my Isaac Clarke engineering helmet from Dead Space 2:
Faceplate Finished

Here's the back of the helmet compared to a screenshot of the game character:
Helmet back refinements

Since I'm gearing up to start molding helmets, I dusted off one of my Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Mk7 helmets and started modifying it like crazy to turn it into a Mark 8 helmet.  The dome still needs to be re-shaped and I need to sculpt out the grill, the brow ridge, the mohawk, the ears, and so on.  Still, you get the idea:
Chopped Space Marine Helmet

Since I'm on a roll with helmets, I pulled my Star Wars Republic Commando helmet off the backburner and started smoothing it out a bit more:
Republic Commando Helmet Smoothing

Speaking of backburner projects, I've begun tinkering with my HALO shotgun build again.  Here's the main body with the proper texture in place:
Shotgun Body Smoothing
The grip and the butt will be getting a much rougher texture before I'm done with them.

While I've been doing all of this, I've also had Lopez crank out slices of a new build for the MA5C Assault Rifle from HALO3:
Fit Testing Assembled AR Prototype

I'm also finishing up the forming bucks for the last four pieces of my HALO3 Marine armor:
Marine underarm forming bucks

Not feeling like I've got enough going on, I've taken on a commission to build the Predator M-3 heavy pistol from Mass Effect 2:
Predator M-3 Build Beginning

Meanwhile, I'm slowly putting together a batch of my kneeling garden gnome riflemen:
Gneeling Gnome Rifleman Squad

Stay tuned.  I'll be posting more about all of these projects as they come together...


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  1. If you manage to make that MK7 Aquila helm into a Mark 8 Errant, would it be possible for me to get a blueprint for it? I'm in desperate need of that, as I've decided to make a Mark 8 armor