Friday, July 9, 2010

New Temporary Neighbors at the Marina

The other day somebody pointed out these two little hummingbirds living in a plant alongside one of the walkways at the marina:
Hummingbird Nest 1

When hummingbirds build a nest, they make it just big enough to lay two eggs in it. When the eggs hatch, the nest is right-sized for two very tightly nested little hummingchicks. This is fine at first, but eventually they get so big that one of them has to move out:
Hummingbird Nest 2

Now it's only a matter of days until these little guys just hover away. Then the landscapers who've been working all over the place here will finally be able to rip out and replace this particular bush just like they did with all of the other ones along this and every other walkway in the entire marina complex.

Nice of them to let things alone long enough for them to grow up and get gone on their own.

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