Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Greatest Hits: a Listing of My Favorite Posts Thus Far

Every once in a while I go through my old posts and can't help but chuckle here and there. I figured it might be worth posting a list of links to some of my favorites to make them easy to find.


Thorsson's Patent Method of Gopher Elimination

On Your Bookshelf, Evil Cthulhu Waits Thinking

My Series of Possible Demises

Afghanistan in Retrospect: a List of Quotes

A Series of Lessons Learned from Yesterday's Conference

Save the Whales of Afghanistan*

The World is Filled with Wicked Vending Machines

A Helpful Dating Tool for Men

A Fashion Update for Style-Conscious Sailors

A Question of Precedence

A Letter I Once Wrote to US Airways

The Solution to World Hunger

The Tale of Trid

There are too many people in the world.

I Know Where the Missing Sock From the Dryer Goes

Movie Theater Cheese

I Have Always Been an Exceptional Child

The Life and Times of a Ten-Pound Bag of Pennies

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