Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Frau Thorsson Has Her Orders. Finally.

After much ado, Ana has finally gotten the word on her next duty station and whenever I get back to the states we'll end up living in the sunny LA/Long Beach area of Southern California:

I say we'll "end up" there because this will be after we spend a week or so honeymooning along the Gulf Coast, a month or so honeymooning in Washington D.C. (with occasional trips into the outlying area and beyond), another month or so honeymooning in transit/househunting/sailing down the CA coastline/etc., and then finally moving into whatever house we buy. With a little luck, the honeymoon won't be over by then, because I will be blogging every juicy little intimate detail about the entire thing.*

In short: this summer's adventures are going to be pretty interesting once I get done with my escapades in Afghanistan. Be sure to read along. There will be pictures too.**

*No I won't.
**And there won't be any of those pictures. Pervs.

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  1. The air quality should be considerably better than what you're breathing now....even on the worst days, Californians aren't known for burning the same stuff they're using there for heat.