Sunday, November 24, 2019

November UFO Sightings in the Workshop

Welp, it's that time again.  We've got a few things in the pipeline and none of them are quite at a point where I can call them done.  So, since I'm determined to keep posting one way or another, it's time to share another rundown of various UnFinished Objects floating around the workshop.

First off, my assistant Rachel mentioned that she wanted to put together a Widowmaker costume from the Overwatch video game.  With that goal in mind, we've printed out all of the pieces of her convertible rifle, called the "Widow's Kiss."  Here it is on the cluttered bench folded into it's compact assault rifle mode:
Widowmaker Rifle Parts Printed

As long as we're looking at rifles, I've also made molds of all of the parts for the Morita Assault Rifle from the sci-fi classic Starship Troopers.  Here's the full set of parts:
Complete Set of Morita Parts

Of course, having made molds, there's no way I could make just one.  Here's a handful in progress:
Raw casts being prepped

Speaking of changing the subject, I've got a good jump on the first costume I'll be making for next year's Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim:

I commissioned a sewing-savvy friend to make the robes and the helmet started as a raw cast kit.  I'm absolutely tickled with how well the paint job came out on this guy.  Here it is with the visor installed:

Another nearly-done thing is my rendition of Samus Aran's helmet from Metroid.  Here's the Lady Shawnon trying it on for size:
Helmet Finishing Progress 000
The only challenge is convincing myself to not make the rest of the armor to go with it.

I've also got this other video game helmet in the works:
Doomguy Helmet Sanding Bondo Round One

That's the Doom Guy (or "Doom Marine" depending who you ask.  With the upcoming release of Doom: Eternal due next year, I'm thinking it'll be a good time to get this guy prepped for molding.


Meanwhile, I've been watching the Mandalorian on Disney Plus and fell absolutely in love with this lady's entire ensemble:

So, starting with a 3D model by Sean Fields at Project 842, I've been prototyping the helmet:

She'll need a few adjustments and some cleanup before I can mold her, but I'm excited about this one so it should go pretty quick.  Then I'll just need to make the chestplate and the belt widgets and coerce someone into sewing all of the soft parts.

Then maybe I can move these things off of the backburner:
Dust Collectors

Stay tuned...

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