Monday, August 13, 2012

UFO Sightings

I've been working long hours trying to crank out a couple of paid projects that I'm not really allowed to write about just yet.

Not being able to show off my work has been wearing at me though, so here's a collection of pictures of UnFinished Objects (UFOs) that I've got in the works right now.

First up, I've decided to dust off the Republic Commando project again.  To make progress, I printed out a bunch of the remaining pep models.  Here's half a suit of armor in the "before" stage:

Since I'm swamped, I coerced Trevor the Walking Mannequin into putting the peps together.  Here's the gut guard (aka "space-age tighty-whities"):
RC Lower Torso

Here they are reinforced with fiberglass:
RC Abs coated

Whenever I'm taking a break from paid projects, I've been tinkering with my new and improved Halo 3 EVA helmet:
EVA Acrylic Windows

I've been making molds like crazy too.  In the past month I've burned through fifteen gallons of silicone moldmaking rubber and today I should be getting five more.  Here's some molds in progress for a commission:
Jacket Molds Finished

Mothermolds in Progress 3

All of these molds are for a pair of projects I can't write about just yet.  So I can't show you the insides:
Mosaic Mold Complete

I also can't show you any of the raw casts all put together:
 Mosaic Carry

I can't show the other pieces I'm working on either:
This last pair of projects also has me doing more lifecasting than I've done in years:
 Ear Casting Montage

Arm Lifecasting 5

I've been making arms, hands, heads, boobs, and even teeth:
Teeth for Dead Head

Suffice it to say,  I'm looking forward to having the current project lineup finished and delivered so I can show them off.  It'll all make sense soon.

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  1. The dark, blurred image looks like a Dark Eldar Splinter Rifle. Feel free to edit out my comment if I am right... =]

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