Monday, August 6, 2012

Tacticool Spraypaint

A while back, I bought a pistol grip attachment to hook onto rattle cans for more ergonomically friendly spraypainting.  The other day, when my sister was in the shop complaining about a sore spraypainting finger, I set it up for her.  

Then she mentioned that she was having trouble getting used to aiming the thing.  My friend Matt was in the shop too and decided to hook her up:
Tacticool Spraycan Closeup

Fortunately, I happen to have at least half a dozen laser sights and pieces of Picatinny rail (alternatively known as the MIL-STD-1913 rail, STANAG 2324 rail, or simply "Tactical Rail") in my workshop at any given time:
Laser Guided Spraycan 

For short-range, close-in work like this, the laser sight is the only way to be sure...

 Tacticool Spraycan FPS

If only I had a spare red dot quick reflex scope...


  1. I had no idea you were a gunnie! Looks like it's been awhile since I've bought a gnome from you. I'll have to change that.

  2. That's awesome. Ingenuity at its best.

  3. Triple lasers, like in Predator, would be awesome and fix the problem of the laser being out of alignment when you get closer or further away from the object. Set the 3 laser so that they come together in one point at the the optimal distance for even coating.

    1. Not for nothing, Andsetinn, but you've just taken this kinda funny bit of whimsy and turned it into pure fucking genius.

      I think I can get away with doing it with two intersecting lasers instead of three. Either way, it's happening. Brilliant idea.

    2. Actually, the third laser becomes vital to determine whether you're too close or too far away from the workpiece. Too close and the third dot is above the other two. Too far and it migrates below. Dammit, now you've got gears turning.

  4. ooh me so jalous , omg must make my own