Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gnomes In Stock Now

In case you've been waiting for me to restock my Etsy shop, now's the time to load up on Combat Garden Gnomes.

There's painted gnome shooters in standing and prone positions, grenade throwers, and pistol-wielding gnome fighters.  I've also listed a handful of unpainted castings in each pose (including the rocket launcher gnome) for you DIY types.

They sell out pretty fast, so don't hesitate.  You can get yours by clicking HERE.

Thanks for looking.



  1. Shawn:

    You should put a set of them together with special pricing!


  2. Dang it! Just found your wonderful combat gnomes but you were already sold out!!! Please let me know when you have another batch ready. I think they would look awesome having a battle with my zombie gnomes!! BTW I TGI.k you should make your own zombie gnomes. I like your sculptures much much better! Thanks. :)