Monday, January 9, 2012

Shiny New Camera

Back in August of 2009 I bought a Canon point-and-shoot digital camera.  Specifically, it was a Canon PowerShot SD1400IS.  I liked it.  It was orange.

Unfortunately, I carry my point-and-shoot everywhere.  If I'm driving, it's in a cup holder, when I'm in the workshop it's in my chest pocket, and when I'm sailing, it's sitting in the cockpit next to me.  It gets hot and cold and surrounded by lint, dust, and humidity.  If I don't drop, melt, crush, or magnetize a new camera in the space of a year, I count myself lucky.

The latest one survived all of that for sixteen months.  Sure, it started to get little spots in the images from internal dust contamination, but it still worked so it was no big deal.  It couldn't focus when I zoomed in, but that just meant standing closer to my subjects so it was no big deal.  In fact, I've ignored the past several months worth of problems that were no big deal right up until about two weeks ago.  

That was when I found myself reaching through a fence to take a picture of a chicken standing on top of a sheep (yes, really) and ended up dropping my beleaguered, veteran camera lens-first into a pile of donkey shit.  Such is life for my point-and-shoot cameras.

Since then, it's never been quite the same.  Somehow I managed to gum up the workings of the lens to the point where it would no longer open or close.  At long last, I had to accept that the camera had died.  So it goes.

To help stave off my grief, I ordered a new Canon point-and-shoot digital camera.  Specifically, it's a Canon PowerShot A2200 HD.  I like it.  It's red.

It arrived yesterday and it wasn't until today that I finally got a chance to test it out.  I was visiting with my dad in his new shop and while we were discussing his cab-over truck project, I noticed a little spider crawling across the peeling paint next to the door.  It was only about an inch long, but I figured it would be a good test of my camera's ability to take a quick, detailed snapshot:
Shop Spider

Test complete.  I'm thrilled with my new carrying around camera.  Now I can get to messing it up.



  1. LITTLE spider O.o... yeah, if that was a little spider, i'm so high like an elefant!

  2. You sound like my future husband. Found you from etsy. If you ever want something knitted maybe I could trade you for a gnome. I'm at
    PS kidding about the husband thing but I love a crafty dude.

  3. An inch? Seriously? The picture makes it look HUGE! Man, I hate spiders... *shudders*